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Own your scent. Own the moment.

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Own your scent. Own the moment.

Logo + Print + Web

Client’s Notes: Logo needs to incorporate either flowers or leaves but shouldn’t dominate the entire logo itself. Typeface shouldn’t be thick but can be sexy. Propose pastel colors that will suit the flavors of the product. Design a limited edition box for the floral line but make it simple. Watercolor is my cup of tea. For the website, there should be a landing page. If you can include a simple animation, that would be really nice. The index page should appear straight-forward.

Art Direction: I had fun working on the logo to the point my first draft was immediately approved by the client. I chose leaves over flowers because the latter made it appear too overwhelming. For the website’s landing page, I animated the glittery background and bokeh to add a whimsical effect on it.

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